Sheffield Pride Ad

For The Sheffield pride brief they wanted a video to engage the local community with the upcoming pride event. With the spirit of pride in mind I wanted to be inclusive and set out to write a script which would cover the dynamic event and the varying characters it caters for.

I proceeded to draft a script in a ‘creature comforts’ style fashion where animals speak in an interview scenario about their experiences of pride.

After the go ahead from the pride board I finalised the storyboard and began to fabricate the seven puppets that feature in it.


Pictured above: a last minute alteration on set, where we realised the rods for the puppets arms were too reflective on camera. Shooting in front of a green screen meant we had to be aware of any unwanted reflections and variations in the lighting.

Pictured left: the small otter puppet in the early stages of being pieced together.


Puppet Place- Picked Image

Puppet place is a creative hub baed in Bristol, which is home to several creative theatre companies. Over the years I’ve assisted on several creative projects with Pickled Image theatre company. To name a few;

  • A Giant Aslan puppet for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

  • A Siberian village set for their own ‘Yana and the Yetti’ play

  • Masks and props for ‘Babe, the Sheep Pig’ by Polka theatre.

All this work can be found at Pickled Image’s personal website.