Stop motion

For her university degree Katie specialised in Stop Motion Animation falling for its subtle charm and tactile nature. Included below are some making-of images from her projects during and post university, as well as her contribution to others work

animating bedroom scene.jpg

Higher Lover- Hanami Family Music Video

For the Higher Lover music video I was lead puppet-maker and animator. I was handed the tricky task of recreating the lead singers, Keeley and Wilson, in puppet form. In keeping with the aesthetic of the puppets, we created a soft needle-felted world for them to inhabit. This ‘growing world’ reflected the idea of the ‘growing family’ in the lyrics.

The animation was edited together with footage of the duo as they perform the song throughout the varying stages of pregnancy. The footage was edited to mimic the nostalgic VHS home videos of the 90s.


Night Light- Graduate Short Film

This animated short was created in my final year of university with Elizabeth Johnson. The origin of the story was taken from an old myth, we played around with the narrative/genre creating a children’s horror/fantasy feel.
Having just moved in to an old house on the edge of the woods the curious young protagonist is drawn to moon outside her window, its not long until until she is led astray into the woods…

Encounters Film Festival described the film as
‘a moody Selick-esque fairytale’ when it screened in their 2013 showcase.
The film went on to screen at various festivals around the world as well as being nominated for the ‘Royal Television Society West of England Student Animation Award’.

The music for this piece was composed by Camilla Uboldi from Berklee College of Music.